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What Customer said

Customer's feedback about TN105 P in USA

... I bought one of these for myself back last fall, and was so impressed with it that I went back and bought 10 more, and gave them out as Christmas presents. Everyone is having such a blast with them. They are such a very usable tool. The idea of taking something's temperature without having to touch it is very desirable for me both at work and at home.


Customer's feedback about TN41ML0

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Customer's feedback about TN602S

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Hi Jolin

But Radiant has been my business partner for sometimes and we do not wish to switch supplier because we are comfortable w yr product although I have to pay a bit more and besides you draw the line very clear for this south east asia market and you can focus on other bigger market in USA or Europe.



Dear Sharon

Use this chance, I am planning to do shipment inspection on this lot,although your quality is very good now .................

best regards


Dear Sharon,

....... It is certainly not anything to do with product quality, we find all your products are fantastic quality ........

Kind Regards


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