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Infrared Tutorial

Infrared Tutorial

Infrared Tutorial
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What is the history of IR?

The Royal Astronomer Sir William Herschel discovered "Dark Heat" radiation in 1800.
In 1880, the term "infrared" was coined. Samuel Langley invented the bolometer that measures variations of resistance when heated.
In 1901, a bolometer could detect a cow at 400 meters.
After World War II, many countries invest huge amounts of money in IR for military application.
In 2002, Radiant Innovation designed the most compact; most long battery life (70hours continuous use) and the most affordable IR Thermometer by the proprietary SoC & Infrared Technology, use MEMS based; advanced Thermal Sensor.

What is infrared radiation (IR)?

IR just like any light ray, is an Electromagnetic Radiation, with lower frequency (or longer wavelength)

Anything above absolute zero (-273.15 degrees Celsius or 0 degrees Kelvin), radiates in the infrared. Even ice cube, snow, your refrigerator emit infrared.

Why can't I see IR?

Human eyes are functioning for Sunlight, 2 kinds of species are identified to be able to detect IR: some rattle snake & beetle.

But you still can sense the IR by your skin: Beside a campfire, you can feel the warmth from the IR.
When your car is baked by sun, you start the car, turn on Air-Con, the air is cooled, but you still feel Baking-Hot! That's IR come from the interior of the car and reach your sensor (skin).
You may use IRT to learn that the radiation temperature in your car can reach 80degC!

What kind of theory & technology is involved in IRT?

Believe or not, Quantum physics is the key theory:
the total radiation energy is proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature (Stefan-Boltzmann Law)
Wien Displacement Law: the product of the peak wavelength and the temperature is found to be a constant.
Wien get the Nobel Prize for Physics for the year 1911.
These are the major earthquake in physics, after that Classic Physics crashed, Quantum Physics flourish.

How does it work?

The sensor in this IRT collects the tiny energy (usually 0.0001 watt) from the target, amplify by a precise amp and then convert it into voltage output.
The CPU digitize the signal by a 16bit Analog to Digital Converter,
the Arithmetic Unit solve the temperature equation by the above Nobel Prized Laws, and compensate the ambient temperature and emissivity effect, you get the temperature of the target within seconds after you push that switch.
For those who want to know more, try Georgia State University's Hyper Physics :
they provide excellent tutorial, equations and examples.

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