TN1 series
  • The unit does NOT shut off after 15 seconds and the unit remains running. Why? <Ans>
  • Is it normal? After "power-off", will the display of TN105C always be "on" showing the time, battery level and a temperature reading? <Ans>
TN4 series
  • Do Radiant any emssivity table offer customer reference? <Ans>
  • Can TN408LC higher level unit have LCD backlit and laser pre-set in on not off? <Ans>
TCT series
  • What it the advantage to use TCT series then probe? <Ans>
  • What did " IP 65 splash proof " represent ? <Ans>
  • Imagine a butcher testing the temperature of meat. The probe will burst off the plastic holding it! <Ans>
TN2 series
  • Why the LCD display show low battery or battery dead already but laser still working? <Ans>

DS Ratio

  • What is DS ratio? <Ans>
  • Any impact on the cost for the higher DS ratio unit? <Ans>
  • Can we use high DS(>30:1) ratio units? <Ans>
  • How does ZyTemp calculate the D/S ratio of Infrared Thermometers? <Ans>
  • Will DS ratio impact the temperature reading? <Ans>


  • Why accuracy is 2°C or 2% of reading whichever greater? <Ans>
  • Accuracy is stated as "+/-1%,1°C" (the typical accuracy translation is +/-1% or reading; +/-1°C). With 1% accuracy, at 100°C, allowable error would be +/-2°C (+/-3.6°F); at 250°C allowable error is +/-3.5°C (+/-6.3°F) <Ans>
  • Please explain Tobj , Tamb and e mean? <Ans>
  • What is meant by Accuracy? (Tobj=35°C, Tamb=25°C) <Ans>
  • What is meant by Accuracy? (Tobj=33-220°C, Tamb=23+/-3°C) <Ans>


  • What is Emssivity? <Ans>
  • Any reference information regarding emssivity? <Ans>

Error code list and troubleshooting

  • Err 2 - With extremely ambient temperature change <Ans>
  • Err 3 - Ambient temperature is not in the operation range <Ans>
  • Err 5 - Memory lost may be damaged by EMF <Ans>
  • Err 6 - Floating point error <Ans>
  • Err 7 - Electronic circuit out of order <Ans>
  • Err 9 - Reinstall the battery, if error message remain, please return to retailer <Ans>
  • What error code "ER5" stands for? How we do? <Ans>


  • Automobile Applications <Ans>
  • Indoor Applications <Ans>
  • Kitchen Applications <Ans>

Laser Pointer

  • What's the difference between the dual lasers of Zytemp's TN425 and Raytek's AutoPro? <Ans>
  • What is the function of laser pointer? It is the target where we are measuring? <Ans>
  • What is different in Laser class II and class III? Is class III is much better? <Ans>
  • FDA is requested for a whole world? The frequency of update? <Ans>
  • Is there any patent issue for dual lasers? <Ans>
  • Do Radiant own our patent for dual laser? <Ans>
  • What other models will have dual lasers functions as TN425? <Ans>


  • How Infrared Thermometer works? <Ans>
  • Can I measure the body temperature of an Ant by IRT? <Ans>
  • As I remember, usually IRT are much larger than this one? Accuracy is compromised? <Ans>
  • Can IRT measure air temperature? <Ans>
  • How far ? <Ans>
  • Can the IRT operated in complete darkness? <Ans>
  • Can the IRT penetrate a building, measure what's inside? <Ans>
  • But I remember IR can penetrate something? <Ans>
  • Now I can measure the body temperature of a fish in my aquarium? <Ans>
  • How do I know, my IRT is still accurate? <Ans>
  • What else can I use IRT to measure? <Ans>
  • So this "Swiss Army Thermometer" can measure anything? <Ans>
  • Hint to get accurate reading with IRT? <Ans>
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