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FAQ -Accuracy
Why accuracy is 2°C or 2% of reading whichever greater?

IR Thermometer is a non-contact style measuring tool with certain distance to get surface temperature by receiving all items' infrared. Basically this may let you know the accuracy would be larger then contact style, especially while they are still some distance existing between measured target and thermometer.

Why the product always 2°C or 2% higher in accuracy than reading data? Because of above issues, the world leading manufacture of Infrared Thermometer, Raytek (now is owned by Fluke) found that each item possess different emissivity which affects temperature reading. Lucky, most of items would be near 0.95. Most items’ emissivity is between 0.93 and 0.97, which means there would be some accuracy issues involved. Thus they follow the optics and statistics theories creating 2 °C accuracy.

Since Raytek is the leader in this industry, everybody followed their rules as guideline. When you check all IR thermometers in the market, you will find this accuracy is almost a principle for whole industry.

Accuracy is stated as "+/-1%,1°C" (the typical accuracy translation is +/-1% or reading; +/-1°C). With 1% accuracy, at 100°C, allowable error would be +/-2°C (3.6°F); at 250°C allowable error is +/-3.5°C (6.3°F)

Below 100degC, the spec is +/-1degC, above 100 degC, the spec is +/-1%.
For 100degC, the spec is +/-1.0 degC, For 250 degC, the spec is +/-2.5 degC

Please explain Tobj , Tamb and e mean?

Tobj=the target surface temperature
Tamb=the ambient temperature

What is meant by Accuracy? (Tobj=35°C, Tamb=25°C)

When the target surface temperature is 35°C and ambient temp. is 25°C, the accuracy suppose to be 1°C

What is meant by Accuracy? (Tobj=33-220°C, Tamb=23+/-3°C)

When the target surface temperature is 33-220°C and ambient temp. is 23+/-3°C, the accuracy would be 2°C or 2% of reading whichever is greater.

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