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FAQ -Applications
Automobile Applications
  • Check temp for misfiring spark plugs, dead cylinder & fuel injectors.
  • Diagnose cooling systems, pinpoint radiator care restrictions, locate coolant leaks.
  • Conduct accurate measurements of thermostat open/close temps.
  • A /C heater core diagnostics, detect overheating electrical components, fuse links, connectors.
  • Quickly locate wheel end problems, braking systems, wheel bearings.
  • Check catalytic converter inlet/outlet: if the catalytic converter is working, the outlet should have a higher temp than the inlet.
  • Check tire temperature
  • Consider Formula-1 racing: After a 60mph run, if one tire has a much higher temp than the hers, that tire may need to be re-balanced, inflated or re-aligned. A high tire temperature also means a low mileage per gallon
Indoor Applications
  • Find voids of insulation between walls of sheetrock in homes, monitor the insulation efficiency of walls, pipes and windows. (Make your home Energy Smart)
  • Inspect doors and window seals to detect drafts and heat loss.
  • Spot-check central heating systems, thermostat settings and actual room temperatures.
  • Verify the performance of water heaters, wood stoves and air conditioning, etc.
  • Monitor Outlet Air Temp.
Kitchen Applications
  • Quickly check temperatures in the wine-cooler, refrigerator and freezer.
  • Ensure best temp for certain wines, without touching the liquid.
  • Verify safe cooking and serving temperatures of food and drinks.
  • Avoid guesswork while making jam, chocolates and other specialty cooking items.
  • Check the temperatures of cooking surfaces when grilling or frying.
  • Easily monitor temperatures while making beer or storing wine.
  • Check the temperature of hot items which is going to put into your mouth. If you get temperature over 49C / 120F. Don't put it into your mouth, the temperature will burn your tongue.
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