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FAQ -Laser Pointer
What's the difference between the dual lasers of Zytemp's TN425 and Raytek's AutoPro?

Autopro's dual lasers is for focusing only while TN425's dual lasers can mark the measurement area. The dual laser beams of Autopro will converge to a single point when the thermometer gun is at a distance from the object been measured. The function of dual lasers of Raytek or Extech's gun is for focusing , that's different from TN425. The dual laser beams of TN425 will never converge to a single point at any distance but designed for marking the approximate measured spot. The technical barrier of Zytemp's dual laser alignment is much higher than that of other competitors. In short, Extech or CEM's dual laser is the follower of Raytek AutoPro. The dual laser targeting function of TN425 will bring much higher value to user than AutoPro.

What is the function of laser pointer? It is the target where we are measuring?

Yes, the laser point out where you are measuring now but it does not mean it is the center of a circle. There are tiny distance around 0.5-1cm to the center of a circle from the pointer- depends on models.

What is difference between Laser class II and class III? Is class III much better?

There is no much difference between Laser class II and class III since both of them possess same warming label class with labeling on the unit. They are only different in duty/power different only.

Is FDA required for whole world? What is the frequency to update?

No. FDA only request while customer import products to USA. Because the customs don't know much clearly Infrared thermometer is receiving infrared or offer Infrared. The FDA letter will help customer speed up the customs clean. The vendor of laser module must offer us the FDA letter every year. The time shall be in July as FDA have request new one since June.

Is there any patent issue for dual lasers?

There is no patent issue for dual lasers targeting for Infrared thermometer .

What other models will have dual lasers functions as TN425?

TN423 had been modified to build in dual lasers, we can get ENG samples at June.We will have a new model named TN419 at Sep~Oct/2007, that can have 12:1, 15:1 and 30:1 D/S versions with optional dual laser function.

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