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TN1 series

The unit does NOT shut off after 15 seconds and the unit remains running. Why?

The unit does NOT shut down after 15 seconds and the unit remains running. Why?
1. Check if you are in "Lock" Mode. There shall be "Lock" icon on the LCD display between time and readings.
If Yes, it will keep measure up to 1 hour without stop. Or you can press the measure/scan button 1 time, the lock mode will be off.
If No, please refer to below solution.

2. Take battery out of the unit and wait for 30 sec. to 1 min, and then insert the battery back. The unit shall be back to original default - reset to 0 for everything. You can decide if you would like to have "clock mode" on (by setting time) or not. If you would like to have clock mode on, after time setting, the LCD will display room temperature after 15 seconds pending. If no, the unit will turn off / shut down without any display on LCD screen after 15 seconds pending.

Is it normal? After "power-off", will the display of TN105C always be "on" showing the time, battery level and a temperature reading?

It is normal. If you have set the" clock" mode, after "power-off", room temperature & clock will be showed on the screen all the time.

(Power off)
(Power on)

TN4 series

Do Radiant any emssivity table offer customer reference?

Yes. Please link here for the details offering.http://www.zytemp.com/infared/emissivity.asp

* Note: The information is for reference only as the emissivity may change because of the surface treatments.

Can TN408LC higher level unit have LCD backlit and laser pre-set in on not off?

Yes. We can make them default in on not off but MOQ500pcs above is requested.

TCT series

What it the advantage to use TCT series then probe?

The TCT series is both a stainless steel probe and an infrared thermometer that allows you to simply point at whatever you're cooking to get a temperature read. Although infrared temperature readers are less accurate than probes, they allow professional inspectors to test a lot of food without contacting them. There will be less cleanup and less danger of cross-contamination.
When you pull the unit out, it looks like an ear magnifier without the cone tip attached. Press the measuring button and the infrared beam glows in front, instantly producing a temperature reading on the display screen if you happen to be pointing at anything. The pointed probe flips down from the handle. If measuring by infrared, hold the gun 1 to 10 inches away from your target, which needs to be at least 1/2 inch in diameter.
If there's smoke or steam, hold the unit back and at an angle to avoid interference. When using the probe, hit the Select button to switch to the probe function, insert the tip at least 1/2 inch in, and hold it while the probe graphic flashes on the display; when the probe beeps, the temperature shows on the display.

What did " IP 65 splash proof " represent ?

The definition of IP Rating as below:
Example of rating : IP65

First number (Protection against solidobjects) Definition Second number (Protection against liquids) Definition
0 No protection 0 No protection
1 Protected against solids objects over 50mm(e.g. accidental touch by hands) 1 Protected against vertically falling drops of water
2 Protected against solids objects over 12mm(e.g. fingers) 2 Protected against direct sprays up to 15° from the vertical
3 Protected against solids objects over 2.5mm(e.g. tools and wires) 3 Protected against direct sprays up to 60° from the vertical
4 Protected against solids objects over 1mm(e.g. tools, wires and small wires) 4 Protected against sprays from all directions - limited ingress permitted
5 Protected against dust - limited ingress
(no harmful deposit)
5 Protected against low pressure jets if water from all directions - limited ingress permitted
6 Totally protected against dust 6 Protected against strong jets of water e.g. for use on shipdecks - limited ingress permitted
    7 Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m. Duration of test 30 minutes
    8 Protected against long periods of immersion under pressure


Imagine a butcher testing the temperature of meat. The probe will burst off the plastic holding it!

IR Thermometer is applied in food service for business purpose more then home. If customers would like to use them, we will strongly recommend them to measure the temperature with certain distance or after cooling (not while cooking). After all, most users will use it for food storage temperature more frequently- spot check like FDA.

TN2 series

Why the LCD display show low battery or battery dead already but laser still working?

Yes. The reason is because there are 2 CR2032 batteries in TN265L and TN205L. One is used for laser function and the other is for LCD/temperature reading. The laser will still work even if the temperature battery ran out. There is no such problem in TN253L model.

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