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Distributor Support

Support Display Stand

ZyTemp provide display stand.

Support DemoBox

ZyTemp provide DemoBox.
(A professional looking briefcase with many Infrared Thermometer inside)

TCT013, TN104, TN102, TN105i2, TN110, TN159, TN15A, TN901, TN902, TN903, TN01U,
TN253L, TN205L, TN602C, TN006, TN002Ci, TN002Ki, TN00SK, TN00SC (Above)
TCT103, TCT303, TCT012, TN288L, TN408LC, TN418L0, TN806L, TN439L0 (Lower)

Support Flag

ZyTemp provide Flag (Under construction)

Support GNCm (Calibration Equipment)

ZyTemp can deliver
1. HUB-D
2. Connector Fixture
3. Test Program
4. Blackbody :
    Distributor can order blackbody directly from the supplier (not from ZyTemp)
    HART 9132 (for TN1/TN2), thermocouple should calibrate on HART 9127.

Support Agreement


Founded in July 2000, ZyTemp belongs to world-class Infrared Technology-oriented thermometer manufacturer - Radiant Innovation Inc. and become a premier provider of infrared temperature measurement devices. Originally started from a professional team of engineers specializing in infrared thermometry, this company is now emerging as worldwide well-known manufacturer of infrared thermometers (IRT).

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