Temperature Measurement

New Infrared & Thermocouple Thermometer
- Dual laser points specify the approximate area of measurement

ZyTemp( proudly announces their new product, TN425LC Infrared & Thermocouple Thermometer, which is the ultimate tool for temperature measurements. The typical feature of TN425LC is the “dual laser” configurations can fulfill most temperature requirements because it can specify the actual area of measurement. TN425LC contains two of the most reliable temperature sensors:
1) Non-contact Thermopile and, 2) K-type thermocouple socket.The Non-contact may be used for instant, non-reachable applications, and the thermocouple socket for high precision, non-surface measurements.

In many applications, Emissivity is difficult to obtain, but with TN425LC it is easy. Just use the contact thermometer to read the true temperature, then use the Non-contact to get the surface temperature and adjust the Emissivity until they are the same. Emissivity is adjustable from 0.1 to 1.00 (preset at 0.95). After obtaining the Emissivity for a specific object, the user may use that setting every time with no more guess work or referring to an Emissivity table.TN425LC has a hi/lo temperature audible alarm with a “last measurement” memory. Large LCD display with power backlight makes it easy to read.

This easy-to-use thermometer also has a white LED that can be used as a flashlight, great help for working in dark areas. It also has an ultra-long battery life and uses the affordable and available AAA size battery. A magnet stand is an option so you can attach the device to any metal surface. A National Lab Standard Traceable certificate of calibration is available upon request.

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