• 1H

    Package: TN1 Holster
    Specifications: PE(Black) 132X50X25mm
  • 2H

    Package: TN2 Holster
    Specifications: PE(Black) 167X60X30mm
  • 4H

    Package: TN4 Holster
    Specifications: PE(Black) 190X70X40mm
  • TH

    Package: TCT1 Series/TCT3 Series Holster 
    Specifications:  PE(Black) 235X55X25mm
  • 4HGL

    Package: Holster(gun type, left side)
    Specifications: PE(Black) 180X90X50mm
  • 418998HG

    Package: Holster (gun type)
    Specifications: PE(Black) 235X100X50mm
  • 41235TS

    Package: TN410 Series/TN425 Series ToolBox
    Specifications: HDPE(Black) 339X196X64mm
  • 41235TB

    Package: TN410 Series/TN425 Series ToolBox
    Specifications: HDPE(Blue) 420X280X80mm
  • 5A

    Package: TN568 Series AL Box
    Specifications: AL 430X350X100mm
  • Metal Box

    Package: Metal Box + EVA Tray
    Specifications: Tin 106X84X21mm
  • MS

    Package: TN425 ToolBox/TN568 AL Box
    Specifications: Hex Socket Screw 1/4-20UNC
  • NS

    Package: Neck Strap
    Specifications: Nylon(Black) 400mm
  • NSB

    Package: Neck Strap (Breakaway)
    Specifications: Nylon 432mm
  • NW

    Package: Badge Retractor & Badge Reel
    Specifications: ABS(Black) 710X30X10mm
  • WS

    Package: Wrist Strap
    Specifications: Nylon(Black) 150mm
  • KC

    Package: Key Chain
    Specifications: Stainless 15X9X O28mm
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