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Metris Instruments East, LLC 

Tel  +1(631)451-0063
Fax +1(631)451-6048
Email bob.ogden@metrisinst.com

To End user/ Customer:
Please select your country(area), to find out the distributor nearest you.

To Potential Dealer/Distributor:
We welcome listed distributors, So that we can relay local inquiries to you. ZyTemp.com has a lot of traffic from the end users.
We have a very good Alexa.com Traffic Rating, Since ZyTemp.com established, the traffic rating keep improving every month. So, get listed, get business.

If you want to be our Dealer, please click Become a Distributor.

Please kindly observe these guideline, if you want to be listed on the page
(a) ABCcompany should have a LINKed page , the name should be"www.ABCcompany.com/ZyTemp.htm" or anything which contain "ZyTemp" in the URL on that page, we recommend only ZyTemp product appeared on the page.
(b) ABCcompany should have a LINK to ZyTemp, (in any page, anywhere)

example a: "ZyTemp provide a good Infrared Thermometry Tutorial, see "http://www.zytemp.com/infared/default.asp"or simply a link
example b: "http://www.ZyTemp.com"

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