Gun Type

TN475/TN425 Series

  • Measurement Range:  -60~1600°C (-76~2912°F)
  • Full Range Accuracy: 

    ≥0°C: ±2% of reading or 2°C(4°F) whichever is greater

    <0°C: ±(2°C + 0.05/°C)°C

  • Distance : Spot:  75 : 1
  • Measurement Range:  -60~1000°C (-76~1832°F)
  • Full Range Accuracy: 

    Tobj=-33~1000°C: ±2% of reading or 2°C(4°F) whichever is greater

    (Test under Tamb=23±6°C)

  • Distance : Spot:  50 : 1
  • Thermocouple Probe:  Small Socket, K type, 12 minutes auto power off
  • Measurement Range*:  -64~1400°C(-83.2~2552°F)
  • Probe Accuracy:  ±1% of reading or 1°C(1.8°F) whichever is greater(Test under Tamb=23±6°C)
  • TN475/TN425 Series
    Thermocouple Socket
  • TN475/TN425 Series
    LED Flashlight
  • TN475/TN425 Series
  • TN475/TN425 Series


  • Feature
    • Infrared up to 1600°C(2912°F)
    • Laser Sight for better targeting
    • High DS (Distance to Spot) Ratio up to 75:1 <TN475> / 50:1 <TN425>
    • Detailed 24 Memories with Temperature & Emissivity <TN425LN(E)/ TN425LM(E)>
    • Mini Thermocouple Socket up to 1400°C(optional)
    • Best Cost/Performance Ratio
    • Large LCD display with Power Backlight

    Built-in Socket

    Magnetic Stand

    Memory Mode

    Tripod Mount

  • Applications


    Electric Power


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